2015 Emmys Host Andy Samberg’s Best and Worst Jokes

So, how did the funny man fare?

Andy Samberg, the host of the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards, kicked things off with a energetic, hilarious start during Sunday night’s ceremony.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star did a very SNL-inspired filmed opener (in fact, it was pretty much this SNL sketch turned to 11) about Samberg locking himself in a bunker to watch everything on television. And we mean everything. With cameos from Jon Hamm, Kerry Washington, Billy Eichner, Will Forte, and Bob Odenkirk, the fast-paced bit poked fun at everything from TV-obsessed culture to the absurd amount of wife-related reality shows out there. It was definitely one of the best moments of the evening, but how did Samberg do during his opening monologue and the rest of the night?

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