The Hair Metal 100: Ranking the ’80s Greatest Glam Bands, Part 2

Counting down from #80 to #61: the hard, the heavy, and the high heels.

Heavy metal dominated the 1980s as it has in no other decade. And of that era’s metal subgenres, no single offshoot stands as more quintessentially ’80s than that of the glammed-up, tricked-out, teased-squeezed-and-built-to-please over-the-top sonic-and-scenic insanity now known most affectionately as hair metal.

In the previous installment of The Hair Metal 100, the countdown kicked off with an array of pretty-boy (and occasionally girl) practitioners of poodleheaded guitar-noodling greatness that ranged from the first incarnation of Pantera to the incomparable Jon Mikl Thor to Lion, who forever enriched humanity with their 1986 theme song from Transformers: The Movie.

Try not to break an exquisitely manicured nail on your guitar strings now, as this next go-round of The Hair Metal 100 takes us from #80 to #61.

80. XYZ

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