We Have No More Tears Left In Us After Watching Sky Write An Emotional Letter To Her Sons

"I always was told that you always supposed to the best for your children. I feel that I did, but I want them to know that, hey, your mom loves you."

The revelation that Sky had two sons as a young teenager shocked fans of Black Ink Crew, and the story continues to get even more emotional and heartbreaking for us and for Sky as the season passes. This week, Sky decided to write a letter to her boys to explain why she couldn’t care for them and express just how much she loves them. To watch her pour her heart out on paper (while literal tears poured onto it too) was heart-wrenching.

It’s been such a change to see this vulnerable side of Sky this season, and we’re so glad she’s sharing her story — we hope she’s finding some peace and sanctuary by telling it.