Netflix Movies to Avoid If You’re Trying to Have Sex

These flicks will completely kill the mood, or reveal that you're a sick monster.

Whether you’re feeling sexually liberated AF or living that trainwreck life, you’re ready to bone. But don’t allow a mood-killing movie selection to ruin your Netflix and chill sesh. Just avoid these flicks and you’ll be taking part in some serious penetration in no time. You’re welcome.

  • 1 Holes
    The name is deceiving, for sure. But after a few minutes of watching little kids dig holes, you will feel like a creepy pedophile if trying to simultaneously sex. If you don’t, then IDKWTF.

  • 2 Actually, anything animated and/or by Disney
    Seriously? TF is wrong with you?

  • 3 Tricked and Hot Girls Wanted
    Unless you’re a sick, twisted f-ck who gets off on the exploitation of women for porn or sex-trafficking, I suggest you stay away.

  • 4 Mind of a Rampage Killer
    Sex with one eye open is never that much fun, IMO.

  • 5 White Chicks
    Sex pales in comparison to this cross-dressing, whiteface comedic masterpiece, which your eyes need to be glued to for its entirety. You think I’m joking?

  • 6 Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    Because this movie will have you sleeping before you even get to foreplay.

  • 7 Forrest Gump
    How dare you disrespect Forrest, an American hero, like that. SMGDH.

  • Lifetime
    You’ll be so wet—from the tears cried at how poorly made these movies are.

  • 9 The Passion of the Christ
    Not the sort of passion you’re looking for.

  • 10 The Human Centipede: First Sequence
    After watching people surgically attached ass-to-mouth by a crazy doctor, you’ll probably never want to have any sort of contact with another human ever again.

Now go forth and choose wisely.

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