There Are Reality TV Stars on LinkedIn, and We Have Their Profiles to Prove it

The hustle is real.

Reality TV stars are good for more than just partying and excessive hot tubbing. You’d be surprised to learn that when the cameras stop rolling, some stars prove to be business savvy AF. Others pretend to be business savvy AF, but it’s a cutthroat world out there, so we’ll give them an A for effort. Even reality TV stars aren’t above using LinkedIn, proving that the networking struggle is real. Would you hire them, though? Check out their profiles and decide just how real the post-TV hustle is.

  • Farrah Abraham, Teen Mom


    To no surprise, this profile is fancy and lengthy AF. Is her Backdoor Teen Mom venture on there, though? *Mysteries*

  • Jennifer Bunney (now Jennifer Dunphy), Laguna Beach


    The original hotel party boycotter is now taking on major slayage in the medical field.

  • Weston Bergmann, The Real World


    This RW alum turned entrepreneurial shark has a profile worth checking out because it’s entertaining AF. Seriously, it’s from his dog’s POV.

  • Dieter Schmitz, Laguna Beach


    Dieter went from being Stephen’s official wingman to an “accomplished general manager and CHA” (whatever that stands for) in NYC. Not too shabby, IMO.

  • Trey Phillips, Laguna Beach


    Trey would have only 31 connections yet have a badass job at Vera Wang and still be cool AF. Effortless.

  • Bethenny Frankel, The Real Housewives of New York


    IDK which is more to-the-point and gives less effs, Bethenny or her profile.

  • Morgan Smith, Laguna Beach


    Morgan may not have opened up her own little Laguna boutique (yet), but she works in digital marketing and has a bae AF hubby, so it’s all good there.

  • Casey Reinhardt, Laguna Beach


    Surprised and impressed Casey pulled off owning a business? Us too.

  • Ruthie Alcaide, The Real World


    Ruthie’s 93 connections are a struggle, but luckily she’s a partying veteran, and her legacy will live on forever.

  • Talan Torriero, Laguna Beach


    The Laguna heartbreaker and hot tub extraordinaire is now a “digital marketing guru” with an on-point profile pic.

  • Taylor Cole, Laguna Beach


    Taylor is now a photographer, but do you think Talan hired her for his wedding? #Awk.

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