You’re About to See YouTube Phenomenon Tyler Oakley Like You Never Thought You Would

Tyler Oakley and YouTube are nearly one in the same. The 26-year-old made a name for himself and exploded from Internet fame overnight, and while you may let him into your life everyday, how much do you know about him, really? The 2015 Streamy Awards host and winner is about to show you parts of himself and his world like never before in the upcoming documentary SNERVOUS.

The documentary, which will be released this December, will follow the Internet icon through his international, sold out Slumber Party tour. In the film, we’ll get an intimate look at Tyler’s personal and family life, and what happens when the cameras stop rolling. The film will give an “unfiltered and behind-the-scenes look” into Tyler’s world, and will be shown through limited theatrical release and on all major digital platforms.

Get ready to properly be introduced to the Tyler Oakley.

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