Jason Lee Claims He’s Actually A Peacemaker, Despite What You’ve Seen On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Jason Lee has mended fences with Nikki and wishes things would have gone differently with Brandi.

When we last saw celebrity-gossip writer Jason Lee on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, he was getting into it with Hazel-E and throwing drinks in her face. This week, he made his return when he met up with Nikki and Brandi, and unfortunately, things didn’t go down the way he had hoped. When we chatted with Lee, he explains that he’s a huge fan of Brandi’s despite what went down at Nikki’s event, and these days, he and Nikki are actually pals.

VH1: How do you feel about Brandi these days?

Jason Lee: Brandi has a lot of energy, I will say after watching her [story play out], she’s become one of my favorites, she’s just so energetic and always ready to go off, she’s great. Unfortunately, we didn’t have that great of a meeting, and hopefully I’ll get to see her at the reunion and we’ll get to hug and make up.

And what’s your current status with Nikki?

I’m cool with Nikki, we spoke this morning, but honestly, my friends that I hang with, I have a very close circle, and I don’t throw the word “friend” around loosely. In Hollywood I think people get caught up in relationships and I wouldn’t say these people are my friends. I try to be cool with everybody. My job doesn’t allow me to be friends or enemies with anybody, I just try to build relationships.

Since you’re cool with Nikki now, do you feel stuck in the middle because of her beef with Kamiah?

I want Nikki and Kamiah to get along. On the show, I know I come off as the troublemaker, which is kinda cute, but I actually am a peacemaker. I would love for the two of them to talk and get along. The last thing I want to see is both women I like, fighting over a guy.