There’s a Theory Kim Kardashian Is the Reason Amber Rose and Blac Chyna’s Show Was Canceled—But We Call BS

This is crazy.

We’re still devastated Amber Rose and Blac Chyna’s MTV reality show isn’t happening. However, believe it or not, the latest rumored reason why the show got the axe is actually pretty touching. RadarOnline reports Amber pulled the plug on the show after she received a sincere, “Let’s bury the hatchet” phone call from Kim Kardashian. Yup.

The online tabloid reports Kim called Amber over the weekend after she heard Amber’s empowering Slut Walk speech where she forgave ex Kanye West for saying he needed “30 showers” after their relationship. Allegedly, Kim told Amber she thought her speech took courage and Kanye and she are ready to start fresh with the bald beauty—sans drama.

And here’s where it gets good: RadarOnline claims Amber shut down her show with Blac after this warm-and-fuzzy exchange because “without being able to trash the Kardashians… their show does not have much weight any more.” (Amber and Blac previously cited busy schedules as the reason for the show’s demise.)

But we call total BS. There is absolutely no way a phone call from Kim caused Amber to back out of a probably-lucrative business deal. We hope this call actually did happen because it’s a nice gesture. However, to say Lady Kardashian is the real reason Amber’s show ended gives the video game maverick too much credit. (Is Kim really that important to Amber? We doubt it.) We’re pretty sure Kim doesn’t have that strong of an effect on Amber’s life, and something more pressing—like, um scheduling conflicts—led to the show’s cancellation. Do y’all agree with us?

Oh! And one more thing: Stop with the rumors Amber and Blac are feuding (and that’s why the show is over). It’s 2015, people. Are we really still trying to pit women against one another for shits and giggles? C’mon, we’re better than that. Until Amber or Blac cries beef, we are going to chill—as everyone else should.


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