Zac Efron’s Younger Brother Wrote a Poem About How Annoying It Is to Have a Famous Sibling

So much shade yet so much love.

Thanks to The Gossip Table, we recently got a peek at Zac Efron’s hot younger bro, Dylan. Now, we’re learning a little bit more about the mysterious 23-year-old.

Zac, newly in control of his own social media handles, recently posted a poem Dylan wrote about him in the sixth grade to Twitter.

Zac was a 16-year-old star of the High School Musical franchise at the time, and the piece is full of sibling struggles we’ve all experienced. There are feelings of pure disgust (“He thinks he is the queen”), the realization that as siblings, Dylan will have to deal with his brother forever (“I guess he isn’t that bad”), and pure love (“[He] puts upon me a smile”). Take a look at the Zac’s brother, the closet poet, in the video below.

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