6 Household Items You Need to Dress Like OITNB‘s Stella for Halloween

Get ready to make some panties drop.

No one can ever replace or replicate the Ruby Rose. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to damn well try. And there’s nothing like a little Halloween spirit to celebrate Litchfield’s newest dime and to see how it feels to make all panties around you instantly drop. Transforming into Stella isn’t all that difficult, you just need these simple items and of course, your badass attitude.

  1. Hair tie


    Unless you’re going the whole way and shaving your head, in which case, we salute you and your commitment to this costume, you gotta have that hair up. We can’t be confusing you with Nichols or dare I say… Piper.

  2. Markers up the you know what.


    Those beautiful tats could never be replicated, but you can try. And you should draw them yourself. Trust no bitch.

  3. Sweats


    No worries if you’re all out of prison uniforms. Stella is just as sexy in her Litchfield sweats and you will be, too. And if you don’t have casual sweats lying around, then I just don’t know what to do with myself.

  4. Index card


    Oh, we know you’re Litchfield’s latest smoke show. But it’s prison requirements for you to have a name tag, so.

  5. Tape measurer


    You know why.

  6. A lacy thong


    Because Piper’s used-panty business was your downfall and the world needs to know. Make sure it hangs from the back pocket or the back of your pants. It needs to be seen.

Tada! You’re basically Ruby Rose. Congrats, you sexpot.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.