Bonus Clip: Kamiah And Jason Tell Each Other About Their Recent Physical Altercations

"I'm not saying I punched him but my hand definitely connected with his face at some point in time."

Industry blogger Jason Lee and his pal Kamiah were catching up over some fro-yo on this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

In this bonus clip, Kamiah tells Jason she stopped by Fizz’s house to pick up her stuff only to find Nikki sitting on the kitchen counter in lingerie holding a glass of champagne. The blogger confesses it was kind of weird to see her, and they started arguing until Fizz called her a b*tch and things got real. Kamiah says she didn’t quite hit him, but her hands “definitely connected to his face at some point in time…” Then Jason tells Kamiah about his encounter with Hazel that ended up in him throwing a drink in her face: “She left me no choice,” he says in his own defense. Fortunately, no fro-yo got thrown or smacked during the filming of this scene.

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