Celebs Who Prove That This Fall, Dark Lip Is the Only Lip

Regardless of skin tone, these celebs are rocking the dark lip this season and so should you.

Going with a dark lip color can be a bold move, but one that is oh-so rewarding. Why? Why wouldn’t you want to unleash your inner RiRi or Teraji on any given night? And look completely fire while doing so? Trying this look will not only get you out of your comfort zone, but it’ll give you that confidence boost you need knowing you can make a unique beauty statement and look HAWT while you’re at it. Allow these gorgeous celebs to inspire you this fall.

  • 1 Taraji P. Henson
    If Cookie’s one-liners don’t slay you, this burgundy shade will.

  • 2 Erica Mena
    Erica’s purple shade gives a completely new, funky vibe to this already-fabulous look.

  • 3 Joseline Hernandez
    Joseline’s burgundy lip, eye shadow, and tinted hair is actually life-giving.

  • 4 Olivia Culpo
    Nerdy chic is only made complete with a deep red lip, obviously.

  • 5 Selena Gomez
    The dark lip is the easiest accessory to make any look a bit more glam.

  • 6 Chrissy Teigen
    We are FEELING the contrast between this mommy-to-be’s cream dress and maroon lip.

  • 7 Kate Hudson
    For you fair-skinned, light-haired girls, allow KH to be your inspiration to pull off a drastic, dark, sexy lip color.

  • 8 Rihanna
    If you’re feeling super experimental, go the whole way with a black shade and show ’em how goth chic is done.

  • 9 Kate Upton
    This blonde-haired beauty pairs a deep maroon lip with a similar blush shade for fall makeup perfection.

  • 10 Selenis Leyva
    This OITNB star’s gorgeous look is anything but Litchfield.

  • 11 Bella Hadid
    Like Bella, try a deep lip shade with little eye makeup for a more drastic look.

  • 12 Demi Lovato
    Demi pulls off the same look and it’s fab, perfection, all the above.

  • 13 Kerry Washington
    If this queen doesn’t inspire you to try a darker shade, then I give up here and now because her look is flawless.

  • 14 Gabrielle Union
    Gab’s dark lip and chopped locks make for an all-around glammed-up badass.

  • 15 Jackie Cruz
    We’re seeing a little bit of Flaca’s spunk in RL Jackie Cruz’s makeup choices, and we love it.

  • 16 Keke Palmer
    Over-line your lips just a tad for sexy, lasting impression. Boom.

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