Where Does GQ Get off Writing an Article on Amber Rose but Focusing on Kanye West?

How would you feel if you couldn't get out of your ex's shadow?

A new GQ article on Amber Rose is titled “Amber Rose: How to Be a Bad Bitch.” After reading it, I find myself disappointed and distracted because the story-instead of focusing on what the headline seemingly intended to-was more of a lengthy, tabloid-y report on her relationship with Kanye West, which by the way, ended five years ago. After making her mark as a feminist pioneer, this is really what you’re going to focus on? Let it be known: it’s time to move the f–k on, people.

Before reading, I was looking forward to learning more information about Amber’s Slut Walk, feminist movement, and new book. Unbeknownst to me, the article would be populated with lines like: “So what happens when she’s out at the club and one of Kanye’s hits comes on?” and “her beautiful dark twisted journey to the top.” In case you didn’t know, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is the name of Kanye’s fifth studio album.

I counted. Kanye’s name is mentioned nearly 15 times throughout the piece. 15. Who is this article about, again?

Once I barely get passed the fact that they refer to her as Wiz’s “Baby mama,” Kanye’s “infamous ex,” and rehash the Kardashian-Tyga-Blac beef (who honestly gives a shit about that anymore?), I’m sitting here thinking that if people continuously brought up my ex from YEARS ago, and refused to acknowledge me as my own person, I would be livid. Putting myself in Amber’s shoes, I am livid. What puts me over the edge is how the writer assumes that Amber’s book How To Be a Bad Bitch “surely won’t sell as well as it could” since she avoids dishing more details on her past romances. Are you seriously f–king kidding me?

Luckily, Amber realized how BS the article was and called out the publication.

Still, I’m shaking my head. And did I mention the article was written by a woman? Yeah.

Luckily, Amber’s light inevitably shined through and saved the day, specifically when she reflected on her time stripping as a teenager. “Best fucking time of my life,” she said. “I’m not going to say young girls should go be dancers. But that was my journey, and I don’t regret it.” It was the only thing stopping me from clicking out of the article, to be honest. But I’m still pretty pissed, and honestly, a little sad at this entire thing.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.