Get Your Life by Watching Amber Rose Get Hers at the Strip Club

The fairy godmother of strippers.

Rather than hiding her past as a stripper, Amber Rose embraces that s–t. Can you see my hand up there? That’s me saluting her. Last night, the bad bitch extraordinaire played host at the Ace of Diamonds club in LA and she not only had a ball, but showed us how to go out EVERY time we go out. Like, she wore sunglasses in the club. Praise this lady boss.

Here’s how she owned the hell out of this night:

  • She embraced a dancer who got two handfuls of her bountiful booty.

  • She put real-life karma on display by showering dancers with hard-earned cash.

  • Danced and had a good time in this lil’ number.

  • She found her living twin. #StrengthInNumbers

  • And gave sweet kisses to all of those in the land of strippers.


Feeling the graze of dollar bills and lots of warm and fuzzies right about now. See the glory in its entirety here and watch Amber and other strong women call out their slut-shamers in the video below.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.