Karrueche Tran Posted a Picture with a Bloody Lip and Chris Brown’s Fans Went In on Her

Was she sending a message?

For a hot minute, all seemed civil in Karrueche TranChris Brown land. Karrueche has made it clear she’s over the drama with her ex, telling the Real 92.3 she avoids her former love whenever possible. Chris seems to be focusing on his daughter, and even had a kiss and make up session with Tyson Beckford after sending threats his way via Instagram. And yet, one of these players is stirring the pot again.

On Tuesday, Karrueche posted this selfie, featuring a hard to miss bloody lip, with the caption, “Rough day in Chicago.”
The Gossip Table says this is makeup for an upcoming movie she’s working on. But for some fans, it’s too reminiscent of the 2009 incident between Chris and then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Some kept it short and sweet.

And others, well, didn’t.

Do you think the suggested message behind the photo was intentional? Insensitive? Flat out wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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