Here Are the Beauty Products You Need to Channel Lady Boss Olivia Pope

Handle it.

To be a boss, you have to look like a boss. OPA’s leading lady Olivia Pope may not make beauty choices as bold as Empire’s Cookie Lyon, but she always looks on-point and sleek as hell–no matter the crises she’s handling that day. Although Olivia tends to go for a natural look with lots of toned-down shades, the subtle makeup choices are actually extremely intentional and low-key dramatic. Seriously, that contour work is almost as intense as an Olifitz sex scene.

Professional makeup artist Evan Howley gave us the scoop on how we can achieve Olivia’s neutral yet totally glam look. Here’s what you need and how to get it.

  1. Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation


    “Olivia may be scandalous, but her make up looks are usually on the natural side. Start with a clean complexion, and pair a Beauty Blender with the Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation. One of my favorite tricks is to add a few drops of the Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops to the foundation and then apply. The drops come in four different options-from hydrating, brightening, calming and anti-aging. It’s a cocktail of complexion perfection!”

  2. Buxom True Nude Lip Foundation


    “Kerry Washington was blessed with voluptuous lips, but some of us have to fake it. I cannot rave enough about the Buxom True Nude Lip Foundations! There is a great shade for every skin tone, and they neutralize any color in your lips. For deeper skin tones, I would recommend the Bare (Chestnut Brown) or Revealed (Deep Rich Brown). You can easily customize this lip with some liner or gloss, but to truly embody Olivia Pope I would opt for the matte look.”

  3. Eyes = NARS Via De’Martelli Eyeliner + Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow + Smashbox Brow Tech Matte Pencil


    “Since Olivia doesn’t go crazy with eye shadows, I would simply outline with a dark brown eyeliner such as the NARS Via De’Martelli (Dark Chocolate). Next, use the Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow in Volver (Peach Champagne Shimmer) to bring out the smolder in your scandalous stare. Framing the brows is extremely important, and with Olivia Pope this is no exception. I love the Smashbox Brow Tech Matte Pencil to create a clean, polished brow. Start by underlining your brow, and then fill in using short flicks.”

  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit


    “To truly go for Olivia’s look, I highly recommend focusing your attention on contouring and highlighting. The gladiator always has a depth to her complexion, especially her sculpted cheekbones. Try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit (Light To Medium or Medium To Tan). It’s great to use with a damp beauty blender, carve out your cheekbones and highlight the center of your face. Apply, blend, and set with powder.”

  5. Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact


    “Last but not least, put the spotlight on all of your scandalous features using a highlighter. The Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact is the most beautiful golden nude shade. It glides on smoothly, and leaves your skin looking fresh and dewy, as it would after a long night with Fitz. (Wink, wink.) It will definitely leave ’em wanting more!”

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