You’re Going To Get Chills Watching This Love & Hip Hop Rap Cypher With Remy Ma, Papoose, Bianca Bonnie, MariahLynn & BBOD

The new girls prove they they really have what it takes to be called a rapper, and Remy Ma + Papoose drop an exclusive Love & Hip Hop hot 16.

This season on Love & Hip Hop, the element of “hip hop” is finally being portrayed as much as the “love” part by adding a whole handful of new cast members who really know how to rap.

From those rappers with well-known careers to the respected rookies ready to be recognized outside of New York, listen to the new cast spit fire in the first ever Love & Hip Hop cypher. Yeah, those are chills you feel watching Remy Ma and Papoose’s amazing chemistry right before your eyes.

Catch new episodes of Love & Hip Hop when it premieres Monday, December 14th at 8/7c.

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