Amy Schumer Gives a Not-Your-Average Acceptance Speech at VH1 Big In 15 With Entertainment Weekly

Thanking god and your mom is overrated.

Amy Schumer isn’t just thankful for white wine and the booty call. No, no. She has a whole team of hard workers who are partially responsible for her rapid success, which is why the Trainwreck star needs to give thanks where thanks is due. We often see celebs thank their families, teams and the man upstairs when accepting awards, but rarely do we see them physically roll around on them to show their gratitude. It happened at VH1 Big In 15 With Entertainment Weekly, and it was awesome.

“I want to thank my sister here,” Amy started after Amber Rose presented her with her honor. “She loves me. She’s f—ing crazy about me.” *Cue the overt affection* “I want to thank my publicist, Carrie. My agents, Josh and Alan.” *And hugs. So many hugs.*

Can every celeb acceptance speech be like this from now on, forever please? Thanks. Watch the show Monday, December 7 at 9/8c and you’ll understand.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.