Which Hottie Quenches Your Thirst: Chris Pratt or Joe Manganiello?

The Jurassic World lead and Magic Mike XXL star both posed in wet t-shirts for magazines this month, in what we hopes becomes the next big trend.

The magazine gods have answered your prayers. Hunks Chris Pratt and Joe Manganiello both posed for steamy photo spreads this month, each looking completely ripped and wet. As much as we hate to do this to you, we have to ask: Who’s hotter?

Is it Chris Pratt on Entertainment Weekly? His muscles ever so gently bulge out of his see-through shirt — which clings to his perfectly toned torso, might we add.


Or is it Joe for Details? Watch as he unveils the secrets hidden under that white tee with pics so wet you might need a shower.
It’s nearly impossible to choose, but we have faith. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.