Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fetty Wap’s Baby Mama Drama

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Even if you’re not a fan of Fetty Wap, you at least know these three things about him: His breakout hit is “Trap Queen,” his crew is the Remy Boyz and he has some serious baby mama drama.

It’s this last bit that we’re particularly hung up on because let’s face it, Fetty isn’t that famous. The Kanye-blessed performance that made “Trap Queen” go viral occurred less than a year ago. Hell, many of us thought that Fetty would be a one-hit wonder, though he later proved us wrong with his constant grind throughout the summer of 2015.

Still, Fetty’s net worth is at a modest $2 million as of right now and he has one album to his name. Who knows where his career will go over the course of the following year? And yet, new women (there’s at least five right now) pop up every other month, claiming to be pregnant with his babies. And he’s only 24.

From his relationship with the original “Trap Queen” to former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Masika Kalysha claiming that she’s pregnant with his baby, here’s everything you need to know about Fetty’s baby mamas.

  • Baby Mama Number One


    Fetty’s first baby mama is a woman named Reese who hails from New Jersey. Reese and Fetty have a four-year-old son together and have been in each others’ lives for the past 11 years. The two remain on good terms, most evidenced by Reese’s Instagram page on which she often raves about Fetty’s parenting skills (and musical accomplishments). “Trap Queen” was originally written for her when the two were still together, according to InFlexWeTrust.

  • Baby Mama Number Two

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    Lezhae Zeona is the mother of Fetty’s daughter. She and Fetty are not on good terms, which became evident when a video of the two arguing (above) went viral in the beginning of November. In the video, Lezhae is wielding a knife while yelling back and forth with Fetty, who ultimately threatened to “fuck her up.” The video sparked rumors that Fetty would be arrested for threatening Lezhae, but these rumors are false.

  • Potential Baby Mama Number Three, Masika Kalysha

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    Former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Masika Kalysha, 30, told Power 106 this weekend that she’s six months pregnant with Fetty’s baby. We’re not sure why Masika had previously been silent about her pregnancy, but it’s a pretty big deal to suddenly come out as six months pregnant by someone you’ve had an on-again off-again relationship with (and who’s supposedly dating other women, too). Fetty didn’t take the news well and according to TMZ, refers to Masika as a “groupie” and “nothing more than a “jumpoff”—harsh words considering the fact that she might be carrying his third child.

    Fetty tweeted that he thinks Masika’s just out for his money and Masika responded, insisting that she’s telling the truth. The two had been dating on and off and their relationship gave way to a joint song called “Ándale” as well as half-naked Snapchats together. Their involvement with one another also sparked some back and forth between Masika and Alexis Sky, as Fetty was thought to be dating both of these ladies at the same time.

  • Relationship With Alexis Sky

    Fetty’s on-again off-again relationship with model Alexis Sky caused some major tension (and Instagram shade) between Alexis and Masika. Alexis and Fetty are supposedly still dating, though it seems he’s dating multiple women at the same time. When things first got hot and heavy between Fetty and Masika over the summer, Alexis posted to Instagram, saying that Fetty is for “everybody.” She has two Fetty-inspired tattoos, one on her hand that says “Zoovier” and another “Willie” tattoo behind her ear. It’s this second tattoo in particular that caused Masika to call Alexis out on Instagram last month for getting a tattoo of someone who doesn’t claim her exclusively, according to MStarz. You can read more about Alexis and Masika’s relationship to Fetty here.

  • Relationship With His “Day One”


    Around the same time that Fetty bought Alexis a BMW, a woman named Yaya claimed that she is his “day one.” Yaya and Fetty are supposedly dating, too, and she has a number of photos with him on her Instagram.

    A video of Yaya getting dragged out of a White Mercedes-Benz by another woman surfaced back in May. The woman dragging Yaya is thought to be the bestie of Fetty’s second baby mama, Lezhae, according to NJ Lala. Yaya supposedly went to the woman’s house, kicked down her door and later followed her in her car. The woman pulled over and yelled at Yaya to get out of her Benz and when Yaya didn’t, the woman dragged her out.

  • Potential Baby Mama Number Four

    An unnamed woman recently emerged saying that she, too, is pregnant with Fetty’s baby, according to Live Hip Hop. The woman says that she was “fangirling” over Fetty and “that’s why I let him go in raw.” Oof. According to her note (above), she’s due in April of 2016 and she’s pissed about it. Sounds like in a few months time, we’ll know whether or not Fetty is the father for real.

  • Potential Baby Mama Number Five

    A woman named Celina Powell approached The Shade Room in late October to say that she’s pregnant with Fetty’s baby. She said that she met Fetty through Remy Boyz member Monty and that she eventually had sex with Fetty at least three times in the same night.

    “[Fetty] and I had *** and he said he forgot condoms and I said I’m clean don’t trip and he said okay,” she wrote to TSR. “After he left the state we talked here and there and than I told him I was pregnant and he said he’s gonna get a DNA test when it’s born and not to post **** until I’m sure BUT I did and he didn’t like that at all!”

    TSR can neither confirm nor deny the truthfulness of Celina’s submission.

UPDATE: 2/3/16
Lezhae Zeona, Fetty Wap’s second baby mama, is NOT pregnant with his baby, according to Instagram. “I’m not really pregnant,” she said in the follow clip, courtesy of The Shade Room.