I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Tara Slips Back Into Bed With Peter

"I know what you're thinking. Ending up in bed with Peter is the last thing I thought I'd be doing but sometimes things just happen."

On tonight’s season premiere of Love & Hip Hop, we were shocked to find Tara Wallace waking up in bed next to her ex, Peter Gunz. The last time we saw Peter Gunz was at the Love & Hip Hop Season 5 Reunion where he and his wife, Amina Buddafly, were disagreeing over Amina’s relationship with her old friend, Orrin. With Tara slipping back into bed with Peter, it’s obvious that this love triangle is back in full swing.

From Amina and Peter’s conversation that takes place later in the episode, it was revealed that Tara lives in the same building as Peter and Amina! Amina agreed to Tara moving to Yonkers so Peter could stop commuting from Yonkers to Queens to visit the boys (and hopefully come home every night to Amina). But maybe Tara’s new place is a little TOO convenient. Just when we thought this love triangle couldn’t get any messier…

Let’s take a look back at the timeline of Peter, Amina, and Tara –

  • Is Amina Peter Gunz’s Wife?: During a conversation with Rich, Amina lets it slip that she is not Peter Gunz’s side chick…she is his wife.

  • Peter Reveals His Affair To Tara: Peter finally comes clean to Tara and tells her about his longtime ongoing affair with Amina.

  • Amina Drops A Bombshell On Tara: When Tara confronts Amina about her affair with Peter, Amina reveals their marital status.

  • Is Tara Still In Love Peter?: After coming home a bit tipsy, Tara flirts with Peter Gunz and it looks like the two may rekindle their romance.

  • Peter’s Game Backfires: Tara interrupts Peter and Amina in the studio to tell Amina that she and Peter are still sleeping together.

  • Amina Drops A Pregnancy Bombshell: At the season four reunion, while discussing the tangled web of Peter’s relationships with Amina and Tara, Amina shocks everyone by revealing that she is pregnant.

  • Peter Stands Up Amina To Be With Tara: Peter has some explaining to do when he gets caught with Tara.

  • Peter Makes A Proposal But Tara Rejects It, Passionately: Feeling good about the family trip to Barbados, Peter makes a bold proposal to Tara, which she dismisses outright.

  • Why Can’t Peter Stop Lying To Amina?:Feeling guilty after his romantic trip to Barbados with Tara, Peter visits Amina while she’s in labor to make up for lost time. But what he tells her can put him in more trouble.

  • Peter Gunz Leaves Amina and Maybe Tara For Good: After knowing that Amina told Tara about his philandering past, Peter calls it quits and leaves.

  • Should Peter and Amina continue to work on their marriage? Is Tara the right woman for Peter? Rewatch the moments above and share your thoughts/comments below.