All the 2016 Films You Should Start Losing Your Chill About

OK, they’re not ALL super hero movies…

By: Bobby Caruso

As we reach the final days of 2015, there’s a lot worth celebrating. Saint West was born, Adele graced the world with her return, and Star Wars made its return to the silver screen. Looking forward to next year, though, movies are where it’s at. From the long awaited sequels (Finding Dory, Zoolander 2) to the we-can’t-wait pop culture events (Ghostbusters, Warcraft) the 2016 film game is sure to be fire. We’ve recapped all we know so far about some of the most anticipated films of twenty-sixteen. And if you were hoping it would be the year where superhero movies didn’t run the box office, we may or may not have some bad news for you… See below to find out.

Zoolander 2

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