Tara Is Trying to Remove Herself from the “F*ckery” Peter and Amina Have Created in the Love & Hip Hop Sneak

"Not for you to f--- around with my emotions and feelings like I'm not human."

Peter and Tara, Peter and Amina, rinse and repeat. In a sneak peek for this week’s Love & Hip Hop, Tara goes in on Peter, explaining that she didn’t move into his building so that her emotions could get played with and, frankly, she’s trying to remove herself from the “f*ckery” Peter and his wife have created. Peter does that thing where he apologizes but in his confessional admits he has told both women different things, yet again. Then, ding dong, Tara invited Amina over so they can all hash it out. Do you think the end is in sigh for Peter and his wife and his ex’s love triangle? Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8/7c!

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