The 2015 Palm Tree Awards: The Ten Shadiest Moments from VH1 Shows

From old prunes to F.U.P.A.s, these were the shadiest moments this year.

Shade is the best way to throw a little jab at someone in the nicest nastiest way and VH1 reality shows are no exception (they’re actually generally the rule). From Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, and the ladies of Love & Hip Hop, our casts know how to hurl an insult in the shadiest way.

Just who was biggest shadiest palm tree of the year? Check our countdown from VH1 shows in 2015 now!

  1. Drita D’Avanzo shades Carla Facciolo by comparing her to a mothball

    When Carla made a surprise appearance on Mob Wives at Renee Graziano’s party, Drita was quick to get the f— out of there. In her confessional, Drita admitted she and Carla aren’t “friends like that anymore” and compared talking to Carla to talking to a mothball. So, like dumb?

  2. Draya Michele shades Mehgan James for having a F.U.P.A.

    When Draya met with Jackie Christie to give her notes for her cognac commercial, she informed the director he should edit out Mehgan’s F.U.P.A. Of course with Jackie in the mix that got back to Mehgan and she was mad. Draya finished her shade off with a cherry on top, “I feel like I did you a favor.” Burn, hunty.

  3. Karlie Redd shades Rasheeda for being an old prune

    When Kalenna confided in Joseline and Karlie that she and Rasheeda were going through it, Karlie couldn’t resist calling the GA Peach rapper the Prune of Georgia because, well, because Karlie’s hilarious and she DGAF about Rasheeda.

  4. Erica Mena shades Cyn Santana saying she’s back at the bar she found her at

    At the season five reunion, Erica said that ex-girlfriend Cyn popped up at an event she was hosting. Erica said that was weird and that they “absolutely” did not speak. She continued her shady remarks, saying that Cyn was “by the bar where I found her. I was in VIP.” Sheesh, Mena.

  5. Jackie Christie shades Malaysia Pargo for not having a husband

    When Malaysia once again said she and Jackie “weren’t friends” at an event, Jackie said she wasn’t being shady that “shade is when you put on lipstick for a husband you do have.” That had Brandi and Malaysia feeling some type of way (but if you got Tami Roman laughing you did something right, Jackie.)

  6. Miss Nikki Baby shades Nas for having a belly full of, well, gross.

    When Nikki visited Nas’ shop, things got weird when Nas, well, puked. Even though Nas tried to shade Nikki with “Your face made me throw up,” Nikki won this one. You see, next Nas threw up again and Nikki claimed “that’s from all the d— you been sucking. Got all that nasty shit in your stomach.” Damn, Miss Nikki don’t play.

  7. Brandi Maxiell shades Tami Roman for jumping from reality show to reality show

    At the Basketball Wives LA reunion, Brandi said Tami was “thirsty” for jumping from reality show to reality show. Tami didn’t take that very well and said she did her bestie Shaunie O’Neal a favor by joining the LA show to help keep it afloat. Well, Tami knows how to curve shade right quick by shading the show she’s on. Hail the kween!

  8. Rasheeda shades Kalenna for always being “the other girl”

    Real life friends Rasheeda and Kalenna had a major falling out on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. When Kirk and Tony tried to help their wives work through the drama things escalated quickly. Kalenna said no one wanted to buy Rasheeda’s music just her lipstick. Rasheeda’s comeback, “I know that’s what you’re wishing to be and you’re not. Never have been. You’ve been the other girl.” Ouch.

  9. Tara shades Amina’s baby

    When Peter Gunz tried to blend his two families, both ladies put on their big girl pants but when push came to shove it was hard for Tara to play nice. That showed on Tara’s face when she practically shaded Amina by the way she greeted her baby, Cori. You just shade a baby, Tara?

  10. Yandy shades Chrissy Lampkin with nasty-nice “I don’t know”

    Backstage at the season five reunion, Yandy said she didn’t “know” if Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin even still live in New York. I don’t know, I don’t know. Yandy was a huge palm tree throwing shade, saying she hadn’t seen Chrissy’s jacket line Lady Vamp in stories and hadn’t heard new music from Jimmy, and well, she didn’t know. SMH.

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