Fabolous Just Gave His 7-Year-Old Son a Crazy Expensive (But Ballin’) Present

Can a literal child even use this?!

When I was 7 years old, I received a scooter for Christmas, and I was pretty damn happy about that. But rapper Fabolous just put all parents to shame with the ridiculously expensive gift he got his 7-year-old son Johan for the holidays.

The Young OG Project rapper showered his son with not one but two bedazzled Rolex watches totaling $34,000. Yes, you read that correctly. Before snack time, this actual kid can now decide which designer time-teller he wants hanging from his wrist. This is literally the coolest, craziest and most opulent thing all wrapped up in one.

And the reasoning for this ballin’ gesture? Fabolous “wanted the young king to know he has options,” according to a Rafaello & Co. spokesperson via Us Weekly. Check out Fab’s Instagram below, which he captioned, “These kids wear crowns over here..Dab.”

Love the present, Fab, but I’m a little confused. Why does a 7-year-old need a watch period, let alone Rolexes? Does he have such a busy schedule–consisting of second grade, soccer practice and cartoons–that he can’t keep track? We at VH1 freaked out when Beyoncé and Jay-Z bought Blue Ivy an 80,000 diamond Barbie doll, but at least she can use that. Does a 7-year-old even know how to tell time? Does he know what time is?

We wonder what Love & Hip Hop’s Emily B thinks about this! To each his own, I guess, but I’m sure Johan would’ve much preferred a $34,000 go-kart, eh?