Happily Ever After: Papoose & Remy Ma Are Most Definitely Relationship Goals

Black Love is alive and well!

Throughout the seasons, there has been seemingly more hate than love in the Love & Hip Hop family. This season, it’s refreshing to see more than #baegoals but #marriagegoals in Remy Ma and Papoose. Veterans to this hip hop game, the love didn’t die when Remy began serving six years and change in prison. Pap stayed by her side the entire time. The couple even originally sacrificed their dream wedding for a wedding over the phone because they couldn’t bear to not be recognized under the law any longer. They recently were able to do it big, the way they’ve always wanted but take a look at these super adorable of pics of your favorite Love & Hip Hop couple from back in the day to now!

  • 1 Pap Visiting Remy

  • 2 Pap Visiting Remy

  • 3 Pap Visiting Remy

  • 4 Throwback!
    A little blurry but you get the picture.

  • 5 Real Love x Dedication
    Having a loved one in the “you know” isn’t easy.

  • 6 2014
    Gety Images

  • 7 Pap With His “Round The Way” Girl

  • 8 Car Chronicles

  • 9 She Clearly Has His Back

  • 10 A Mean Mug Full Of Love Circa 2014
    Getty Images

  • 11 Street Sighting 2014
    Getty Images

  • 12 Every Dope Boy Needs A Dope Chick!

  • 13 Well Hello To The Mackies!

  • 14 Studio Love

  • 15 Long Awaited Christmas 2015
    Bet it was a very special one!

  • 16 R.O.D.

  • 17 Lounging On The Visit

  • 18 Serving Gatsby!

  • 19 Wedding Goals AF

  • 20 Perfect Way To Sum It Up

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