People Were Grossed Out When Tyga Talked About Kylie Jenner’s “Jigglin’ Booty” on Last Night’s KUWTK

Yup, this was a thing.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians was jam-packed with noteworthy scenes last night.

There was the insensitive fat joke that Kim made about absent brother Rob’s tattoos. There was that scene in the pool when Khloe hypnotized you with her butt, and you can now watch it on repeat for hours via GIF here. There was Scott’s depressing apology scene during which Kourtney shed maybe a single, perfect tear and finally, there was the monotone heart-to-heart that Kendall and Kylie shared within the five minutes that Kylie wasn’t hanging out with Tyga.

Speaking of Kylie and Tyga, was anyone else weirded out by the thing he said about her butt?

It happened when Kylie, Tyga and Kendall were all on a hike because the only way that Kendall could actually spend some “quality time” with her sis was by hanging out with KyKy and T-Raww. Tyga was climbing up the side of some mountain or hill behind Kylie when he took note of her butt and said, “That booty jigglin’.”

I was immediately grossed out when I heard this because (1) “jigglin'” is as disgusting a word to me as “moist” is and (2) I’m still not over the sketchy history of Kyga’s relationship. Apparently, I’m not the only one who felt this way.

People were UP IN ARMS because of this scene! Just kidding. But some did feel uncomfortable:


Kylie and Tyga have been public with their relationship since she turned 18. They’re probably in love and from the looks of it, the whole family ships their relationship. Kris told Kylie that she could invite Tyga to what was supposed to be a girls-only vacation. If that doesn’t scream approval, I don’t know what does.

And yet, many of us still feel uncomfortable seeing Kylie and Tyga together, a feeling that is magnified when we hear T talk about KyKy’s butt. Is it time to get over ourselves? Were you weirded out by this scene, too? Remember when Tyga put out that song “Ice Cream Man” and rapped about a “marshmallow booty”?

I just ruined that for you, didn’t I?

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