Moe Money Is Causing Mo’ Problems: Lexxy and Rah Discuss the Fate of BBOD in this Love & Hip Hop Bonus Clip

"I don't feel in my heart that Moe is truly remorseful for her actions."

Most of us wish the “OD” in BBOD stood for Over [the] Drama because it seems that’s all the duo have been running into lately. Why so much drama? Because Miss Moe Money is real quick to fly off the handle.

In a bonus clip from Love & Hip Hop, a frustrated Sexxy Lexxy tries to get her former manager, Rah Ali, to be Team BBOD again by asking her to at least come through on putting together their single release party. Rah reluctantly agrees because even though she’s not too keen on Moe, she rides for Lexxy.

Do you think Rah putting friendship over business is going to hurt her rep? Find out on an all new of Love & Hip Hop Monday at 8/7c!

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