Sisterly Love: K.Michelle Claps Back at Emily B’s Instagram Haters

"Why do y'all miserable ass b---hes sit on here and try and hurt someone."

Not every woman on Love & Hip Hop wants to fight with each another. K.Michelle for one, is taking the time out to defend her sisters on Instagram. On a post on fellow Love & Hip Hop alum Emily B’s page, a commenter asked, “Where’s Fab? Oh with a video hoe [sic].”
Well, K. didn’t take that insult lightly. In the comments section, caught by The Shade Room, the R&B singer wrote responded,

Please leave my sister alone. Why do y’all miserable ass b—hes sit on here and try and hurt someone. Emily is one of the kindest people on Earth and y’all come here to dog her for what? It really disgusts me, especially a pic with her newborn in it. You would do the world a favor by drinking a big cold glass of bleach.

Wow. How’s that for a clapback?