This Video of Kylie Jenner Writhing Around in Lingerie Won’t Shock You as Much as It Should

We get it: She's an ~adult~!

Professional 18-year-old Kylie Jenner has been trying really hard for months to prove she is an ~adult~. With every sexy bikni pic and derrière shot she posts to Instagram, we know what she is saying: “Yo. I’m a grown-up. I pay bills and s–t!” Throw in a relationship with 26-year-old rapper/“jigglin’ booty” enthusiast Tyga, and we get the picture: Kylie is not a girl (not yet a woman)–sorry to go all Britney Spears on you.

That’s why Kylie’s latest stunt is nowhere near as provocative or mature as she wants it to be. reports Kylie collaborated with director Sasha Samsonova on a new arty video for her mobile app. Sasha teased the vid on Instagram–it features big girl KyKy clad in S&M-esque lingerie, rolling around on a bed. Take a look at one of the clips below.

We think many things after watching. Is this what she casually lounges around in? Who is she thinking about? Tyga? Did she make the bed after this little project? However, one thing that doesn’t come to mind is that this is shocking. Sadly, it’s run-of-the-mill fare for Lady Jenner–which is pretty insane, given she’s only 18. (Sorry, Kylie. That’s still pretty young.)
The second preview is more of the same with some added leg-rubbing action. Is she itchy? Is that why she’s moving around on the bed strangely? Probably. That fur throw looks very suspect.

Maybe we’re a little jaded, so you tell us if these videos rock your world. They’re not doing much for us at this point.