Self Claimed Yorma Live On Air: Is This the Best Apology in Love & Hip Hop History?

Yorma fell for it...would you?

After DJ Self found himself in the middle of a cat fight between his ladies, Yorma and Cardi B, he tried to diffuse the drama. Sitting down with Yorma, Self tried to explain that she’s the real deal for him. Yorma didn’t buy it so Self had to up his game. The result? A dozen red roses and a chauffeured ride to his office while she listened to him own up to his two-timing behavior (and claim her) live on air at Power 105.1. Yorma was charmed but does he really mean it? Where do Self and Cardi stand? Would this kind of gesture be enough for you?

Is this the most grand apology the Love & Hip Hop-sphere has seen? Let us know!