Uh Uh! Cardi B Seems To Be Throwing A Little Shade At Tara In This Week’s Check Yourself After That Etiquette Lesson

"Yea, Cardi, you definitely have an accent."

Cardi B and Bianca Bonnie have been a little too turnt as of late, you know, busting out car windows and threatening to give people “15 more stitches,” so Yandy thought it would probably be a good idea for an etiquette class to happen. Tara definitely tried to help out Johnni Blaze in the past, but she may be in over her head with Cardi. Despite whatever messiness Tara is going through, she is very ladylike, in a different sense, and offers her advice and services so the two ladies can be a little less ratchet. It seems like they see right through Tara though.

The “sad demise of BBOD” soon followed. These two just couldn’t seem to get it together yet. Do you think it’s a wrap for this tatatalicious pair?

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