“I Thought We Had An Understanding That It Was Me And You”: Miss Moe Money Confronts Cisco In This Love & Hip Hop Bonus Clip

"You put me in a situation where I had to get out of character."

Cisco got himself caught all the way up when he brought his potential new bae MariahLynn to his current bae’s event. We know you’re in the creep squad but that’s some whole next level of creeping. Although Moe was down for her man, he definitely violated and he’s trying to let her know that he’s sorry in this bonus clip. Moe doesn’t seem to be feeling his apology though because it seems like he’s trying to give her a ticket to the friendzone. She sees what it is though and dismisses herself from the conversation so she can let that dawg roam. It doesn’t help that he keeps telling Moe how cool MariahLynn is.

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