Vid Exclusive: Amina Claps Back And Says Tara Fooled America With Her “Strong Black Woman” Image

"Tara is the biggest liar in the world, trying to portray this image like she's moving on when she's not."

Forget Kim Kardashian’s naked PAPER magazine cover, after last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop it was Tara’s pregnancy announcement that almost broke the internet. After revealing her baby bump secret to Dr. Jeff on the show, and celebrating the announcement on Instagram, more than a few people were left shocked and annoyed, including Peter’s wife – Amina.

So it would only make sense that Mrs. Pankey had a lot to say about Tara the “actress,” and about how she really feels Tara is “just as stupid,” as people make her out to be.

Whew! Get ready to clutch your pearls.

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