#CardiBForPresident Is Actually A Real Thing on Social Media Right Now

She definitely has some ideas for reform.

Since Cardi B graced the screen with her presence on Love & Hip Hop, a lot of members of her hive have taken to Instagram and Twitter to nominate Cardi to run for president.

Obviously a joke, but her many outspoken videos and views on the 2016 presidential race made a lot of y’all say, “Forget who’s actually running. We want Cardi.”

Let’s entertain this notion for a second and take a look at what Cardi B can do for you!

As much as you love this hashtag, Cardi clearly isn’t running (CLEARLY!) and you all should seriously follow the debates and go vote but, just for a minute imagine…? I don’t think America would be ready for this regula degula schmegula girl but the thought is “pahhhpinnn” though.

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