Tyga and His Alleged New Mistress Actually Have a Lot in Common

Hide yo kids, hide yo Kylie.

Between allegations of going after an under-aged girl and not being wanted on the latest Kardashian vacay, Tyga just can’t catch a break these days. To no surprise, there are now new rumors that he’s been cheating on King Kylie with 23-year-old Brazilian model, Annalu Cardoso. This is as believable as Kanye not making out with himself in the mirror every morning, but it’s Friday and we feel like playing devil’s advocate.

Let’s backtrack for a minute. What do the reports say, exactly? Well, according to Us Weekly, they met on one of his video shoots and she also appeared on Kingin’ with Tyga. He’s reportedly “hit on” her, but only hits her up when “Kylie is out of the country.” Slimy and sketchy AF, but for one, did you really expect anything else? Two, this girl is legal, which means major strides for T-Raww already. And three, from the looks of her Instagram, they’re practically birds of a feather. Here’s why.

They both have lots of tattoos.

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They’re both pissed in general.

They like the outdoors.

They use the black and white filter when they want to be taken ~seriously~.

They luv animals.

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They appreciate a good skyline.

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That LA view

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They’re super patriotic.

And they think shirts are stupid.
The reports knocked it out of the park with this one because Tyga and Annalu are practically kindred spirits. And if they’re not, then their Instagrams are.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.