“Who Am I? Who The F*ck Are You?” Meet Marissa Mob Wives’ Sexy New Sh*t-Talker

"I put me and my loyalty and everything I am out on the table."

Unlike newbie Brittany, Marissa seems to be perceived by the other girls as “self centered” and “conceited.” She may be new to the show but she’s no stranger to these girls. Her boyfriend O.Z. isn’t one to “f— with” and according to Renee, if Marissa runs with him then that says something about her. What that something is, we’re not positive. What we do know is that Marissa is a very confident, beautiful, and a “s–t talking” type of gal so she will most definitely fit right in. The girls all have different feelings about her but at the end of the day, Marissa more than likely doesn’t give a…well, you know.

See how Marissa meshes with this crew on the season premiere of Mob Wives, Wednesday, January 13th and 8/7c!

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