MariahLynn’s Mom Drops Another Bomb On Her In This Love & Hip Hop Bonus Clip

"At this point it means you're stuck, pretty much, which means WE'RE stuck."

MariahLynn had her hands full when she had to bail her mom out for petty theft this week on Love & Hip Hop, and she was more disappointed to find out that her mom got herself in trouble while being pregnant. Worried that her mother won’t be able to step up to her responsibilities, MariahLynn and her sister are hit with some more bad news when their mom tells them that she’s already 19 weeks pregnant and is keeping the baby. What should be great news turns out to be devastating because MariahLynn and Tasha don’t have confidence that their mother will do what she has to do to make sure their family is straight. Their mom assures them that she will try but drops ANOTHER bomb when she tells her daughters that she may be facing jail time because her record doesn’t look too good.

Truly a tragic situation, hopefully Momma Lynn is able to keep her word for the benefit of the baby.

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