Tara Has Some Shocking News For Her Therapist In This Love & Hip Hop Sneak

"Peter's lies continued and I continued to ignore them. That's why we're in this position right now."

The love triangle among Peter, Amina, and Tara just got more bent out of shape. Amina told the other two that she was pregnant at their little “family reunion,” followed by an epic face slap. Amina has since decided to not go through with the pregnancy based on her up-in-the-air relationship status with him. Tara has been riding with Peter for over 13 years and is having a very tough time letting him go which made her seek help from Dr. Jeff and she definitely had a lot to say. It seems as if Tara and Peter’s little sleepovers have been happening way before Tara claims because she admits that it’s difficult for her to just cut Peter off. She needs to let that man go!

She is, however, taking the necessary steps to get her life together, without him. She ends by telling the good ol’ doctor that there’s something else (because there’s always something else.) What do you think she has to say?

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