Hold Up, Who Is This Rose Chick And Why Is She Getting A Green Screen?

So even the side-side-piece gets an interview?

“I’m definitely a creep by nature,” DJ Self said on this week’s Love & Hip Hop, despite the fact that he won Yorma back with a very public apology and it seemed like he was ready to commit to her. Until Rose arrived on the scene. Rose is a stylist and boutique owner, and she is also Yorma’s twin (maybe not identical but come on, these two look alike), and she was ALL OVER Self in this week’s episode. It wasn’t so much that Rose was sitting on Self’s lap trying to claim him that confused us, rather, it was when she got her own green screen moment that we were like, oh, Rose is ON the show now?

What do you think about Rose’s arrival on the scene (and the inevitable moment Yorma discovers her)? Self doesn’t seem worried!