“Marry A Single Man Next Time!”: Tara And Amina Got Into A Twitter Sub War During Last Night’s Episode

"Who the hell is 18 weeks pregnant and doesn't know it??........ Only a f---ing liar!"

When in doubt, sub it out! That is exactly what Tara and Amina did during the airing of last night’s episode. In the episode, Tara reveals to Dr. Jeff that she is 18 weeks pregnant with Peter’s child, again. Not long after, Tara revealed a stunning picture of her pregnancy (yup, that a– was dipped in gold). In proper Petty McBetty form, Amina began the sub tweet battle when she tweeted on Tara’s shocking (or maybe not that shocking) pregnancy reveal:

Tara couldn’t help but clap back when she tweeted alleging that Peter and Amina’s marriage is a fraud just so Amina can get citizenship:

And well….the following back and forth basically tells what happened next:

Looks like they won’t be one happy family anytime soon. Maybe Peter Gunz should borrow a page from Yung Joc’s “baby moms who get along” book.
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