Olivia and Jake Hook Up Again in New Scandal Promo, and the Internet Is Understandably Going Apes–t

Fans are literally boycotting the show.

Olivia Pope is stripping herself of the white hat and dressing in Jake Ballard. I’m mad. You’re mad. Your bus driver’s mad. We’re all mad.

If you’re mad because you’re over the tired, back-and-forth love triangle between Olivia, Jake and Fitz on Scandal: go home. This is for all of you suckers like me, who will ship Olivia and Fitz ’til your death. None of these a–holes can quit each other, I can’t quit them and I won’t go down without a fight. In a new promo for the return of Scandal season 5, Shonda is determined to start World War III by giving us a fleeting look at Olivia and Jake getting down in-you guessed it-an elevator.

Watch if you dare:

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