People Fear the Kardashians Worship the Devil Because of Kylie Jenner’s Cryptic Instagram Post

Where is the holy water?

The Internet is in a state of fear today. And it’s Kylie Jenner’s fault.

The 18-year-old lip trailblazer posted a rather disturbing image to Instagram last night of what looked like a baphomet (a three-eyed goat figure typically associated with devil worship and the occult). She captioned the picture, “This is @robkardashian lol,” referencing her bother who may or may not be dating Blac Chyna. Some people think Jenner’s post is shade toward Rob Kardashian for chilling with Chyna, who she personally beefed with over jigglin’ booty advocate Tyga. Others have a darker interpretation: The Kardashian family worships the devil. Yup. Grab your holy water, Bible and crucifix.

Because of Jenner’s post–which has since been deleted–people are literally buzzing on the Web the Kardashians are nothing but a bunch of 666-loving demon enthusiasts. It’s quite a leap, but hey, isn’t this exact thing the Internet in a nutshell? The Shade Room captured Jenner’s post before she axed it. (See above.) Look at some of the comments:

We can practically smell the horror in these messages, and there are plenty more where they came from. And get this: People speculated the Kardashians’ affinity for Lucifer long before Jenner’s post. We typed in “Kardashians worship devil” on Twitter, and just look what we found:

Our theory on all of this? Jenner probably put on The Gold Album, strapped into her waist trainer and posted this photo as a harmless joke without any devil-stanning agenda. She probably had zero idea the Internet would freak out and metaphorically call an exorcist priest. But, alas, this is 2016: The era of accusing celebrities of Satanism with little to no evidence.

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