Hold Up! Did BBOD Pull A Destiny’s Child? What Happened To The Other Members?

What happened to the former members of BBOD?

Looks like all b—s aren’t on deck anymore. We already know Sexxy Lexxy and Miss Moe Money, but the group had two other members when it began back in 2010, Mona L and BossLadee. The crew goes by two names, one you already know, but the clean version is Bad Beauties On Deck. When we asked what happened to the other two members of BBOD at the Love & Hip Hop reunion, Sexy Lexxy filled us in:

“No no the other two members from BBOD – the first girl actually went solo like someone got in her ear and she actually left to go pursue her music career on her own and shes not even doing music anymore. She didn’t do music past that year that she left the group. We’re still friends we speak I think I spoke to her this week if I’m not mistaken. I speak to her all the time. And then the second girl that left she actually left because she has a daughter. She wasn’t pregnant at the time she was in the group, she already had a kid. Her kid was young, 4 or 5 and doing the music was very hard for her because her family, they supported her but up to a certain extent and like come get your kid, then her daughter ended up doing bad in school cause she missed her mom. We’ll be traveling out of town so you know she had to sacrifice her career for her daughter but we let her know that when we get to that point we’re good regardless. Like she can call us for anything right now. And she actually moved out of the state. She lives in North Carolina right now so we speak to her every day as well. Yes, those are my sisters.”

No love lost at all! In the meantime, check out this throw back video with the original Bad Beauties On Deck!

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