Tyga Says Renowned Beef Expert Kanye West Brought Peace Between Him and Drake

This comes two days before Kanye started Twitter war with Wiz and now we're straight baffled.

Two days ago, Tyga revealed that Kanye West is a low-key philosopher and closet therapist. Today, ’Ye proclaimed war on Wiz Khalifa in a Twitter battle that left the poor Internet up in flames. We’re now realizing Yeezy is more complex and talented than he even thought he was. If that’s possible.

During a visit at LA’s The Real 92.3 on Monday, T-Raww explained that it took Kanye’s puppet master skills to get him and arch enemy (for over a year) Drake in a room, where they eventually kissed and made up. “We gave each other a hug and we just chopped it up on some real stuff,” Tyga says of his confrontation with Drake that Kanye orchestrated at his Yeezy Season 2 show in August. “It ain’t no tension. We cool. We on good terms. I think that’s the main thing, when you got history with somebody and then you stop communicating with a person, it can go any way.”

Are you lost? Time to be found.

In 2014, Tyga went in on Drake and Nicki Minaj in VIBE, calling them “fake.” Drake addressed the diss in “6PM in New York,” including the lyrics: “I heard the lil’ lil’ homie talking reckless in VIBE, that’s quite a platform you chose, you should have kept it inside.” The song also took a jab at Kylie Jenner, before she was legal and her and Tyga went public: “It’s so childish calling my name on the world stage, you need to act your age and not your girl’s age.” Tyga responded on Twitter with: “@Drake u still a bitch.” And if you remember, Nicki raised questions when she wore a jersey with “Pervert 17” on it in the “Feelin’ Myself” video last year.

Flash forward to today, and it looks like everyone is a big, happy family thanks to the philosophizing Yeezy. Tyga even said he’d be open to work with Drake, saying: “Yeah, for sure. You never know.”

But when one beef closes, another opens.

Today, Kanye went on a baffling Twitter attack against Wiz Khalifa, which birthed groundbreaking memes and even got comeback queen Amber Rose in the mix.

’Ye. What is the deal, bro? Are you Sybil IRL? Modern day Jekyll and Hyde? Exploring new creative processes? Not too busy changing your album name 4,847 times to be starting fights?

I don’t know, but I need a drink.

Get back to a more peaceful time and watch Tyga’s interview here:

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