Too Little Too Late? Peter Gunz Apologizes to Tara for “All the Shame” He’s Caused Her

"I gave the world ammunition to shoot a queen...."

Since their Love & Hip Hop debut in season four, Peter has dragged Amina and Tara through hell and back from his unwillingness to just pick one girl and chill.

Several tears and public humiliating moments later, Peter has had enough of the public scrutiny of his relationship(s). With Tara due literally any day now, Peter took to Instagram to apologize, sort of, for all of the shame he has caused Tara.

“I gave the world ammunition to shoot at a queen, and although my apologies may never suffice, I hope that when the doctor lays gunner on your chest he will erase every ugly evil thing said that may have pierced your skin….”

Gotta give it to Peter though for recognizing his griminess. Smart move, you have to play nice with a new baby on the way, you just have to.

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