Rah Ali Is Classy And Cool 93% Of The Time But Trying Her May Not Be In Your Best Interest

Her good side may be the best side to be on.

It’s no secret that Rah Ali can slay TF out of an outfit and is always about her business. She has always come across as the “pinky up” type of girl, even when she’s beefing. There comes some time though, where she needs to take out the earrings and let people know what’s what. Granted, sometimes it goes a little too far, but Rah has no problem proving why she is that chick. Here are five reason we think she’s not one to mess with:

  1. Because She Stays With Her Hitters (And They Stay With Her)

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    Remy has ridden for Rah many times, and although Pap may not being feeling it like that, Remy always has her back.

  2. Because She Has No Problem Casting Shade

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    If her side eye went any more left…

  3. Even During A Fierce Pose Her Face Sends A Message

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    That stare is serious.

  4. Because You Can Meet Her At the Club, It’s Going Down

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    Not that it’s condoned, but if Rah has a problem, she’ll address it anywhere and not in the best way possible either. Thank the lawd peripherals and reflexes work.

  5. Because She’s Loyal to the Core

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    May not practice exactly what she preaches in terms of maintaining professionalism, because when people try it, she doesn’t back down. However, she doesn’t play when it comes to making sure she has her friends’ backs. You can hate on her if you want to, but you have to respect that.

Beautifully bold (except the whole “throwing bottles thing,” that wasn’t cute). Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Monday at 8/7c!

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