Mendeecees May Be Temporarily Gone, But He’s Still Keeping Fans Posted On The ‘Gram

"Tell them I love them and I miss them."

It’s been a little over month since Mendeecees turned himself into federal custody, but that’s not stopping him from getting some messages out to his fans — time stamps and all. Mendeecees handed the keys to his Instagram page over to someone on the outside to let you all know that he still gets busy! Some of his ghostgrams include:

“What up Instagram, y’all miss me yet? Well I miss yall. I’m good tho! Leave a comment they get sent to me. I got a few things coming for y’all…Wait on it!” Mendeecees 02/1/16 8:07PM

“Tell them all have a blessed Sunday”
Mendeecees Harris 2/7/16 4:40pm

“Tell them I love them and I miss them”

Mendeecees 2/11/16 11:23am

“Tell them my new record is on ITunes and its ????Thanks @mr_camron for putting it up and @therealkiss for getting on the track”. #WeGetBusy #itunes
Mendeecees 2/19/2016 9:45pm

He may be locked but Mendeecees wants y’all to continue having blessed days and to check out his new record “We Get’s Busy” featuring Jadakiss on iTunes (insert four flames emojis here).

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