There Is Video of Kesha Swearing Under Oath That Dr. Luke Didn’t Assault Her and Now This Is All Very Confusing

We don't know what to believe, and even the math can't explain it.

Kesha has been on quite the emotional rollercoaster and we’ve been along for the ride. Now, a wrench has been thrown into the tracks, and we’re baffled on which way to go.

Last week, we saw a sobbing Kesha break down in a courtroom when she was denied exit from her Sony contract. Meanwhile, she’s in the midst of a nasty lawsuit she filed against Dr. Luke in 2014 for allegedly emotionally, sexually and physically assaulting her, drugging her and driving her to the point of an eating disorder. Thousands have petitioned. Celebrities have reached out. But is it all a lie?

TMZ has obtained pieces of a 2011 deposition Kesha was involved in (when she and Dr. Luke were sued by a manager), where she swears, under oath, that comments her mom allegedly made about Dr. Luke’s harmful actions were untrue. Knowing what we know now, seeing Kesha so sure, calm and unbothered in the video is chilling. Her mom denies hearing about these claims as well.

Watch it here:

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