We May Never Recover from Stacey Dash’s Awkward Oscars 2016 Cameo

The Oscar for the most uncomfortable human on the planet goes to...

Here we are trying to stay awake while watching the Oscars, and who steps up to entertain us? Stacey Dash.

Last month, everyone was baffled by the actress for saying there should be no such thing as Black History Month or BET. “If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms,” she said. “It’s a double standard.” Then we all kinda let her go back to her business at FOX News.

When Stacey came out at the 2016 Oscars tonight, she made what I think was supposed to be joke, and it was as uncomfortable as it was (yet again) confusing.

We know, because all we heard were the crickets outside the Dolby Theater.

She came out randomly, exclaiming: “Happy Black History month!,” giggled, then scrambled off stage while everyone scratched their heads. Um, what?

As expected, #OscarsSoWhite has been a theme of the entire night (kickstarted by host Chris Rock), but Stacey just drove the point to that awkward place of no return.

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